While a cracked pane or frame indicates that your window needs to be replaced, not every sign of wear is so apparent. When your windows are dated, damaged, or due for an upgrade, they cause your home’s heating and cooling system to work overtime. An increase in heating and cooling leads to an increase in energy use. Your energy costs will go up, and nobody wants that. A window replacement prevents unflattering changes to your home’s comfort, and this blog will discuss 7 signs it’s time to replace your windows. Read on to find out more.

1. Broken or Damaged Seals 

A broken seal can signal it’s time to fix or replace your window’s glass. When a seal is broken or damaged, moisture and fog will appear on or between your panes. Once a seal is broken, your windows become less efficient, and your electric bill will go up as your system attempts to bring your interior back to a comfortable temperature.

2. Operational Issues

Your window not opening or closing the way it once did could be the result of a larger issue. While operational issues could be resolved with something as little as tightening some screws, it can also be a sign of a broken windowpane, which would need a replacement.

3. Increased Heating and Cooling Costs 

If you have started spending more money on keeping your home at a comfortable temperature, your windowpanes may have lost some of their efficiency. When your home has older windows, especially single-pane ones, you are most likely wasting energy, and a large chunk of your heating and cooling dollars will also be wasted. Single-pane and worn-down double-pane units are prone to leaks, so your comfortable temperatures might leave your home when you don’t want them to, or uncomfortable temperatures are coming inside.

7 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Windows

4. Drafts

It can be difficult to detect drafts caused by your windows. Sometimes, you don’t necessarily feel a draft. Instead, some areas of your home might just feel cooler. If you find this often happening near a window and there isn’t a vent nearby, it’s time to investigate replacing it.

5. Condensation or Water Build-Up

Water between your windows can only be caused by one thing, a seal that has been damaged and is no longer airtight. High-quality windows can usually be repaired, but sometimes window replacement is the only and better option.

7 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Windows

6. Cold Glass

When your windows are cold to the touch, your home is not efficiently retaining hot and cold air. In this case, the temperature of your cool air is drastically affected when exposed to your windows. You need windows with better insulation properties for more efficient heating and cooling and a comfortable home.

7. Noise 

If you can hear everything that is happening outside your windows inside your home, you could have a pane issue. Hearing people chatting, cars, traffic noises, and dogs more clearly than before indicates a portion of your windowpane isn’t fully connected and sealed up. Replacement windows would reduce the outside noise that filters into your home.

Replace Your Windows with Family Replacement Windows 

Your windows become less effective over time, and the best way to correct their ineffectiveness is with a window replacement. A new set of replacement windows eliminates your home’s issues caused by older windows. If you’ve noticed any signs listed in this article in your home, contact the experts at Family Replacement Windows. Call us at (855) 785-1993, or click here for a FREE quote. We’ll get you squared away with new energy-efficient windows right away.

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