Top 3 Signs You Need New Replacement Windows

Getting new windows is one of the most highly sought after home-improvement project among homeowners. Windows serve a wide variety of functions, both inside and outside of the home. With the right windows you can increase the natural lighting in your home, enhance your home’s ventilation capabilities, get more views, and boost your home’s curb appeal all at once. While you may be a little hesitate, we hope to share some helpful to help you determine whether your home needs new window replacements.  Read a long to learn about the top 3 signs you need new replacement windows.

Heat Transfer

Have you ever touched your window on a hot summer day and felt that the glass was warm or hot to the touch? If so, we cannot recommend replacing your windows enough. Old and outdated windows contribute to unwanted heat transfer. Heat transfer can help make your home uncomfortable, cause your HVAC system to go on overdrive, and raise your cooling costs. Living in Southern California, we all know just how brutal the summers can be. Equipping your home with modern window replacements can help keep the heat out and control your home’s internal temperatures better.


On the other end of heat transfer, we have drafty windows. Cold and drafty homes, make for equally unpleasant situations. Drafts can be caused by a variety of issues. These issues include compromised window seals and glasses. Overtime, window seals can lose their form and create gaps around your windows, allowing for heat to escape your home and cold air to enter. Damaged glass inserts, either caused by accidents or through wear and tear can also result with same issue insulation issue. As with heat transfer, drafts can cause a series of complication from an unbearably cold home to a rise in your electric bills. Modern windows are much more durable than they’ve ever been and are made to withstand much more, lasting you longer.

Old Windows

The average lifespan of a window can be anywhere between 15-30 years. How long your windows will last you ultimately depends on two things: the type of windows you install and the team who installs them for you. Old windows have a way of not only affecting how energy efficient your home is, but also how it presents itself. If you’re windows aren’t functioning as they should then there’s no better reason to get them replaced. Additionally, if you’re windows are taking away from your home’s beauty, the look a set of new windows is an added bonus you’ll be grateful for. New windows can help boost your home’s curb appeal and make it feel and work like new again.

Window Replacement Services

Old windows come with a series of problems. They can cause heat transfers in the summer and cold drafts in the winter. With new and modern windows, you can help manage your home’s indoors temperatures better all the while enhancing its exterior with a fresh new look. Ready to make a change? Give the window experts at Family Replacement Windows a call. Call (855) 785-1993, or click here to get connected.

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